Le Caudan Waterfront – A Holistic Approach

Le Caudan Waterfront in Port-Louis is a unique commercial concept in Mauritius.

An experience in itself, Le Caudan Waterfront offers a unique shopping, leisure and work hub, in the capital, on the water’s edge. Since its opening in 1996, it has shown undeniable know-how and expertise in commercial activities and entertainment. On top of being an undeniable must for shopping, Le Caudan Waterfront is also a business centre, a melting pot for local artists and the favourite meeting place for gastronomes, tourists and locals looking for leisure and entertainment.

At Le Caudan Waterfront, one can meet friends for a drink, take a walk along the harbour, watch the latest movie, listen to music, enjoy a meal, try one’s luck at the casino and admire artists’ work while enjoying shopping. Its ability to offer such a dynamic and diverse environment confers a strong sociological dimension to Le Caudan.

The commercial centre also offers numerous and convenient parking facilities. Yachtmen and sailors can take their boats to direct mooring at Le Caudan’s Marina. A highly efficient security system managed by Caudan Security Services ensures safety throughout the commercial centre.

Since its creation, Le Caudan has shown ongoing innovation in commercial and entertainment activities as well, thus proving its capacity to adapt and look positively at the future.

The Complex

Le Caudan Waterfront’s harmonious architecture dictates the spirit of the complex.

The careful balance between historical structures and modern architecture takes the visitor through distinct ambiences from one building to the next. The old stone walls of what used to be the Docks Office, for instance, have been preserved in the building of the Blue Penny Museum. The various themes and colours present throughout the complex have been judiciously chosen so as to maintain the spirit of Le Caudan, which is to be an exquisite shopping destination as well as a pleasant spot for strolls.

Le Caudan Waterfront complex regroups the following wings:


The main building, known as Barkly Wharf, has been named after Sir Henry Barkly, Member of Parliament of the British government and appointed governor of Mauritius from 1863-1870.

Le Pavillon wing – an ancient map of Port Louis – reveals the existence of Pavillon Street exactly where the Pedestrian Alley of Le Caudan is located. The origins of this appellation could go back to the period when Port Louis was called ‘Port Napoléon’.

At Barkly Wharf and Le Pavillon, 62 shops offer a great variety of items ranging from international brands to local designs and duty-free goods. These include fashion, beachwear, shoes, jewellery, accessories, books and sports goods. The Caudan Information Kiosk is also located at Barkly Wharf, downstairs from, the Craft Market. The latter consists of 36 stands set up on a double-floor open bazaar in a unique atmosphere permeated with the exotic scents of spices, essential oils and artisanal soaps. Feast your eyes on a plethora of colourful beach sarongs, embroidered linen, recycled and stained glass objects, semi precious stones, wooden sculptures, basketwork, souvenirs made out of coconut, wood or glass, as well as a creative range of regional handicraft and cultural traditions from Mauritius, Rodrigues and Madagascar.




Dias Pier, the most recent wing of Le Caudan Waterfront, is a tribute to Diogo Dias, brother of the famous navigator Bartolomeu Dias. Based on historical evidence, it is believed that Diogo Dias was the first to record the Mascarene Islands, which include Mauritius, on a navigation map.

Located down the pedestrian alley, Dias Pier is the waterfront’s most recent addition. It is a vibrant and modern mall. Dias Pier hosts about 55 shops, designer boutiques, a sushi and wine bar, a French bistro as well as a myriad indoor kiosks offering traditional wear, body care products and fashion jewellery. Dias Pier’s offer is comprehensive as it also comprises 4 parking levels and prime office space.




L’Observatoire, which houses the food court and two restaurants, was the first meteorological observatory of the Indian Ocean.

Le Caudan Waterfront is also a popular business district. We offer the most desirable and inspiring work space right in the heart of the pulsating capital city of Port Louis.