PEM’s artistic instinct manifests through his fascinating woodwork. PEM the sculptor chooses roots, listens to them and carves them to create life totems, each a unique piece.


Exclusive to Le Caudan Waterfront: pure sugar cane juice available through Siro Piké, located close to the museum. Sugar cane is pressed in front of the customer and ‘fangourin’ (the local name for sugar cane juice) is served with crushed ice, a memory of one of the most typical Mauritian traditions from the past. This unique juice can be served plain or flavoured with either ginger or lemon. Sirop Piké has a range of sugar cane-derived products to offer: special sugars (with a guide to each one’s use), flavoured sugars, a variety of sweets and treats and sweetly scented candles.


In the Craft Market, venture out to find our local tailor. A quick and creative talent on our premises, feel free to order any item that suits your fancy, be it a corporate suit or a fancy dress.


While walking down the Pedestrian Alley, you can stop at the cobbler’s space. The shoemaker there will either shine up your shoes or repair them.